How Do I Get Help?

Privately Funded Clients

We can offer fast track admission for private patients. This means almost instant access to treatment. Private patients will need to provide us with all the information necessary to be admitted. This includes:

  • Medical reference from GP detailing all medical issues, mental health issues, a list of all prescribed medications you are taking.
  • Consent from GP to allow admission

As a private client your length of stay with Western Counselling will depend upon your needs and will be assessed on a patient by patient basis.

Statutory Funded Clients


Addiction Help in Bristol

If you cannot pay for your treatment you will need to be referred to us. Accessing treatment can sometimes take time. It’s important to understand if you have issues relating to food, gambling and/or co-dependency you are unlikely to get statutory assistance with funding unless you have primary or secondary issues with drugs and/or alcohol. Drug and Alcohol Agencies are the best point of contact initially. If you live in England, we recommend the first thing you do is make contact with your local Drug Action Team (DAT). There are 149 of these and you should be able to find your local team online here or through your GP.

  • Advise them of your situation and request an appointment.
  • Attend that appointment at all costs.
  • Make a request for treatment. If you already know which service you wish to attend (for example Western Counselling), name it and ask if they will refer you.
  • Request a Community Care Assessment.
  • Undertake whatever regime the service deems appropriate.
  • Ensure you attend every appointment, on time.  If you are unable to attend, give them warning.

Your local DAT will consider your case in line with their local procedures. They may ask you to enter structured day care before referring you to residential treatment. Depending on where you live, it can take between 8 weeks and 1 year from contacting your DAT until you are admitted. Be patient.

Scotland and Wales

If you live in Scotland or Wales, where there are no DATs, you could start by searching online. Use your preferred search engine and look for ‘drug or alcohol problems plus the name of your local area’ e.g. drug and alcohol problems Newport. This should give you some useful contacts to begin your search for help.

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