Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient Treatments


Have you experienced / are you currently experiencing stress, depression, unemployment, divorce or separation, financial worries, gambling, redundancy, anger, difficulties at work, feelings of hopelessness, recurrent anxiety or low mood, problems with family or relationships, bereavement, eating disorders, obesity, alcohol, drugs, gaming addictions?

Do you want to deal with these issues in a safe, supportive environment with experienced professionals?

Outpatient appointments can generally be made at a time to suit you in our Centre in Weston-super-Mare, and following a first, completely free assessment session you will be able to discuss your concerns in confidence and begin to work towards change.

How counselling works

The counsellor’s role is to help you explore your feelings and look at your way of thinking. This may help you discover what lies behind the issues that are troubling you. It is often difficult for you to identify this thinking on your own. Once you have a better understanding of the events that may have shaped your life or the way you think about them, you will be in a much better position to start taking the necessary steps to address the areas that are holding you back or preventing you from making progress.

Free assessment session

The free assessment session helps you and your counsellor decide the best way to start to deal with your issue. It will provide the counsellor with background information – why you have come for counselling, and what your expectations are. It is important to take some details of family history and any significant past events, positive or negative, that may have a bearing on how you look at life and you current feelings.

During the assessment your counsellor will listen to your problems and discuss them with you. He/she will listen and help you prioritise your issues and find appropriate techniques and treatments to help. This session gives you the opportunity to be open and honest about the problem/s you face and allow the counsellor the chance to recommend the best programme of counselling.

If you and the counsellor agree that counselling can help, you will be asked to commit to a series of counselling sessions. These may be weekly or more often depending on your needs and ability to attend (e.g. if you have to take time off work).

You can find out more about our counsellors on the Counsellor’s Information page, but you are sure to find someone on our staff you can identify with and work with – the Western Counselling staff team is made up of male and female counsellors with an array of experience including: a transpersonal psychotherapist, a psychotherapist with previous experience in prison drug rehab, a psychotherapist with a Post Graduate Diploma in Integrative Counselling and qualifications in eating disorders, another psychotherapist specialising in psychodynamic change, who is also a hypnotherapist and an addiction specialist.

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