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If a member of your workforce is struggling with addiction problems visit one of our dedicated pages below:
Gambling addiction
Alcohol Misuse
Drug Addiction
Prescribed Drug Misuse
Private Drug and/or Alcohol Detox
Each year drugs and alcohol cost British business 17 million working days and more than £6 billion in lost productivity and addiction (drug and alcohol misuse) affects 20% of the adult population in the UK:

  • One quarter of all drug users and three quarters of all alcoholics are in work
  • One in four workplace accidents are drug or alcohol related

Against the current background of rising stress levels, risk of unemployment, static pay levels, and changing work-life balance, Company Directors, HR managers and Health & Safety officers would do well to be aware of its presence and effect on their business.  Figures suggest that even the smallest companies will have employees with an addiction issue.

Western Counselling have been supporting employers to tackle addicton problems in their workplace. Get more information about our unique services – call us today to set up a free initial consultation meeting.

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Supporting Employers Through Addiction

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