Accommodation at Western Counselling is provided in comfortable houses which are within a short walk of the Treatment Centre. The accommodation is designed to enable you to focus on your treatment and so is comfortable but is no five star hotel either. Each house has a dedicated cook and a housekeeper.

Phase I and Phase II accommodation arrangements

We strongly believe that keeping living space separate from the treatment centre allows you to re-build your personal separation of domestic, social and leisure from ‘work’. Separating the sexes in the accommodation properties allows us in therapy to explore relationships in depth and learn healthy boundaries with members of the opposite sex which can be put into practice daily at the Centre.

Maintaining this separation and routine will be an important part of your recovery as it mirrors a typical life pattern that is very different from the chaos of life in active drug and/or alcohol misuse.

Third stage accommodation

Third stage accommodation has been developed by our community interest company Genesis Recovery Housing.