Staff and Counsellors


The staff team at Western Counselling are committed to helping others achieve recovery, no matter where they work. From the admissions team, through the counselling team to the volunteer recovery champions – you will find people with a wealth of experience able to support you in finding and sustaining recovery from addiction.


Learn about our dedicated team below:

Jayne & Lisa Admin Team

Jayne and Lisa will most likely be the two people you will first have contact with in Western Counselling. They will go through the initial assessment with you and will make arrangements for your admission day. They are passionate about helping you get into treatment as quickly as possible and connecting you with the people who will help you begin your treatment journey.

Counselling Team

Our counselling team fully understand the issues you face when you come to Western Counselling.

Of our seven counsellors, four have personal experience of addiction and three are family members who have lived with addicts. Some of our support workers are ex-clients who have successfully achieved recovery and are now helping others with drug and/or alcohol, gambling and co-dependency issues as they live out the 12 Steps.

Counsellors and clients are matched regardless of age, gender or addiction history. Matches work best when a client’s needs are met by the counsellor’s experience, strengths, expertise and approach. You can be sure that you will receive the right counselling for your illness.

Dave Mott: Treatment Counsellor

I find it very rewarding when I see the change in others, I work with an excellent and diverse team and I believe that we offer a unique approach to addiction treatment and recovery. Dave has been employed by Western Counselling since 2008, initially as a Counsellor, he is responsible for overseeing all aspects of daily service delivery.  

Carol Kennedy – Client Services Manager

I admire the effort that our clients put into their recovery, to see their potential unlocked, to see growth, to see change, to see the sparkle. That is a reward in its self. Previously Senior Counsellor with the service, Carol is an experienced and skilled member of the management team who is responsible for the Support Work and Recovery Work teams, amongst a host of other duties.

Mandy Wemyss – Counsellor – special interest Holistic Therapies

Mandy is a psychotherapist specialising in psycho dynamic change, she is also a hypnotherapist and is one of our Primary Care Counsellors. Her gentle, holistic approach to treatment is particularly successful with female clients and younger clients. Her holistic approach has led her to take a lead role in organising weekly visits from professional therapists who come to the centre to offer holistic treatments such as Indian Head Massage and Reiki.

Babs Lucas: Counsellor – special interest Families and Young People

I love my job as a counsellor; I love being part of the journey as clients make positive changes to their and their families lives.  I love seeing them growing in confidence and self belief and having hope for their future. I also love engaging with the family members and seeing their relief at gaining understanding around themselves and their loved ones addiction.


“My counsellors helped me to deal with the issues I had, reignite my hope and take responsibility for my life. I want to impart this knowledge and help clients find themselves”. Wilber was a volunteer Placement Counsellor with Western Counselling and in December 2013 became a Trainee Counsellor with the service as he completed his Counselling qualifications. He has experience of addiction treatment and 12Step facilitation, and is well respected by clients, staff and external agencies for his boundaried attitude in the therapeutic environment and calm demeanour.

Fiona Franklin – Counsellor

I find it such a privilege to work with clients and having the opportunity to provide a safe space as they find the language to express their feelings and discover their identity. I admire their courage for admitting they need help and having the bravery to undertake the process of addiction treatment. For many years I have practiced mindfulness meditation and incorporate this into my sessions.  It helps the clients cope in times of crisis using the body and breathe to ground themselves and find balance.

Caroline Pantzelioudaki: Counsellor – special interest Women’s therapy

I’m passionate and enthusiastic about my work. I recently completed my BSC in Counselling and have been developing a structure for our women’s gender day; I really enjoy working with the women and helping them to implement healthy boundaries and watching them become more assertive. I particularly enjoy encouraging them to bond and support each other through their recovery journey. As well as looking at some difficult gender specific topics there is also a lot of laughter, and I feel privileged to be a part of this process.