Recovering from addiction, abroad.

Rehabilitation in Portugal An exciting collaboration between a boutique hotel situated in the tranquil region of the Alentejo, Portugal and an internationally acclaimed UK treatment centre, Western Counselling. The staff team includes a Psychiatrist, Psychologist and... read more

Western Counselling in Africa.

Western Counselling has been working with The Addictions and Recovery Trust in Harare, Zimbabwe to set up a 12step recovery programme, the first of its kind in Zimbabwe.   Read our other articles about our time in Africa here and here.   The First Step... read more

Western Counselling in Zimbabwe

Week commencing 09 January 2017.   Read our previous entry.   We’ve arrived in Harare and its raining! Can you believe that? We leave the cold and frozen UK for Africa and its raining!! January is apparently the rainy season, we were warned, however nothing... read more

Discrimination Even in Death

When there is a death we mourn the passing, we share our grief and take solace from the comfort offered by others.  However, when addiction is involved the situation changes.  “Oh well, it’s just another dead junkie!”  “One less on our streets!” “No waste there!”... read more

Life Skills in Recovery

We all know that to do well, or even excel in life, we need a variety of skills; from simply learning to communicate with ours peers, to being able to read and write. Or at the other extreme – an in depth knowledge of quantum physics – a skill I most certainly... read more

Don’t Forget the Family

Addiction is a family illness. It affects everyone who comes into contact with the behaviours.  Many of us who have lived with it are often unaware of the severity of the problem.  Personally, it took me 8 years to realise that the person in my family who was a heavy... read more

Denial of Addiction

Addiction is a powerful, all-consuming disease that has chameleon-like qualities. It can easily take shelter behind other problems in an effort to avoid being recognised. Addiction has no intention of accepting accountability for the destruction it causes instead, it... read more