So Katie Hopkins is at it again, attention seeking I believe, why else would she announce to the world her views that those abusing substances and alcohol should be allowed to get on with it and not be offered treatment and the opportunity of a clean, sober, abstinent life?

My issue with this is that actually if someone is happily consuming substances with no effect on themselves, their family or community then indeed, who am I to comment?  However as a family member and having lived with and been bereaved by addiction I consider her opinions crass in the extreme.  Anyone is entitled to an opinion, we live in the free world and we have a human right to free speech, just as I do to tell her to shut up!  She’s clearly never lived with the horror of an addicted individual, had to watch her family member or friend debase themselves daily through their addiction and see their life falling apart as they have to increase their usage to maintain their “high”. Or the feelings of being personally stigmatised, discriminated against and humiliated by others ill conceived comments and “opinions”.

image of Paul the alcoholic and drug addictSadly, Katie has achieved her objectives, she’s a PR genius, through her outrageous opinions on Paul Gascoigne we are all talking about her, soooooo STOP! NOW! no more head room and outrage from me, I shall calmly resume my work and sincerely pray that Gazza and his family are able to gain some peace and calm and perhaps his “friends” will consider advising him to attend a longer term treatment process or rehab with all mood altering substances and behaviours addressed should he decide again to work towards abstinence.   And…..if Katie would like to learn something about addiction and treatment I’d be happy to welcome her to Western Counselling to spend a day with our staff and clients where she would learn heaps and experience humility, gratitude and integrity in bundles.

Gazza, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Bring it on, your thoughts please…