Today saw the closure of yet another addiction treatment centre.  New Roads in Wrington, Somerset, has closed its doors to clients, leaving experienced, trained staff now looking for work.

That’ll be two this year to my knowledge.  In March, Rhoserchan in west Wales also admitted defeat after a long battle with poor occupancy levels.

So why is it whilst some addiction treatment centres are growing and forever fully booked, others languish with low client numbers?  Please believe me, its not because they aren’t as good.  Its because they maybe aren’t as big, don’t have the resources for marketing and associated personnel and are not as politically aware of local and national networking opportunities.

The loss of small, flexible services is a real loss to the residential rehabilitation sector. Their ability to truly meet the needs of the individual whilst maintaining the integrity of the therapeutic experience for all cannot be undervalued.

We all know that referrals are often based on relationships.  I guess I’d like to make an empassioned plea to everyone who refers to rehab for addiction issues, who is considering entering detox and/or rehab and who is responsible for paying for rehab… there are a lot of providers of residential treatment in the UK, check out the selection, understand whats being delivered and choose according to need of the individual.  We are all different, different treatment programmes, duration, focus and cost.  Understand the difference, one site will most certainly not fit all issues.