As we start thinking about this year’s Annual Reunion on 3rd September 2011 at St Pauls Church Hall, Weston super Mare; I start to think about all the personalities that have passed through our treatment programme into recovery.

In the last year alone, we’ve had clients aged 16-70 yrs old, from many different walks of life and countries including Mauritius, Italy, Iran, Lithuania, Portugal, Ireland and of course the United Kingdom.  We’ve had university students undertaking programmes in their holidays and clients funded by their employers to attend rehabilitation.

Clients of all nationalities come to Western Counselling for treatment

The programme delivered at Western Counselling is structured and has firm boundaries.  It certainly isn’t easy.  We admire the commitment required to undertake and succeed in the programme. And beyond the programme we have many reasons to be proud…..


Western Counselling has ‘graduates’ in recovery now working in the field of addiction as Social Workers, support staff, Counsellors, psychotherapists and treatment programme managers, even residential rehabilitation managers.

Others have trained and are working as solicitors, nurses, personal trainers, actors, landscape gardeners; then we have published authors and poets, screen writers, musicians, performance artists, chefs, plasterers, plumbers, builders, housing managers,

'Graduates' find employment in many fields.

business owners and managers, university students and lecturers, youth workers, photographers, artists and yet more working in the field of training delivering courses on subjects including motivation, personal development and performance management.  The list is endless but it gives a real idea of the diversity and range of life in recovery.

These outcomes are truly gratifying for each and every member of staff as it reflects on all their hard work.


We are so proud to see the new lives, families and babies that are a direct result of people undertaking our recovery programme. Each day they are using the tools they learned, to maintain abstinence. To live a clean and sober life.

I’m really proud to be part of a team that delivers these life changes for clients and their families.  To be part of a team that can make a difference to someone’s life – in whatever way that may be.  By continuing to deliver programmes of recovery, Western Counselling will continue to make these differences to people’s lives and our communities.

For every one of you who reads this and remembers your programme at Western Counselling, believe me you made a difference to us too. We look forward to seeing all our graduates and their families at the Reunion on 3rd September 2011.

So when the NTA states that residential rehabilitation doesn’t deliver meaningful outcomes, I beg to differ.

Please support us at and also rehab graduates who are working to increase access to residential treatment at ConcordatGraduates.