Its funny how I always bang on about Gratitude and the importance of expressing it regularly.  When I was advised the other day that a client leaving the service had “remembered us all” and bought flowers, I realised that he’d remembered all those who were involved in his daily recovery programme, but not those backstage.  You see we remember those we see regularly and its all too easy to forget those we seldom have contact with who are so instrumental in ensuring the smooth running of the service.

Take the Admissions Liaison Officers, Jayne and Lisa, they are on the telephone daily to prospective clients, their families, referring agencies, commissioners etc.  They are the first port of contact for anybody considering admission to Western Counselling.  They undertake the Assessments for treatment, give guided tours of the service and are on hand for any questions pre admission.  Yet, are rarely remembered when clients complete the programme and leave as their daily contact has now become minimal.

So this is another reminder about Gratitude, let it extend widely to all those who you know have helped you today, this week, this month or this year.  Remember the people who signposted you, gave you invaluable information and support, don’t forget your Care manager who years ago placed you in treatment – give them a call or write them a card, let them know how you’re doing, it’ll make their week.  I promise, you see its only when we see the results of our week do we know it works and that’s why we do it, honest.

Its Christmas, a time to remember and express Gratitude –

Soooo –  Thank you to you all for your ongoing support and tireless commitment towards helping others seek and attain Recovery, for helping to improve the perception of Recovery in our communities and for caring enough to read this through to the end.