It’s a busy week in London for Western Counselling.

Many residential rehabs will attend the launch

Monday 10th October Parliamentary Launch – The Concordat Graduates is being launched in Parliament on Monday 10th October.  Sadiq Khan, MP is hosting the event. which it is anticipated will be attended by many people who are in long term recovery from addiction as well as  residential rehab workers from all over the country.

Danny at Houses of Parliament for the launch

Danny and Sandie will represent Western Counselling. They have both undertaken a treatment programme with us and are now living their lives clean and sober in the community.  Sandie is currently attending college studying a Health and Social Care (Danos) NVQ and Danny is employed by Western Counselling as a Support Worker.


L-R Mitch Whinehouse, Dominic Chair of Concordat Graduates, Danny Western Counselling

Carol one of our Senior Counsellors

Thursday 13th October – Myth Busting Meanwhile, Carol, our Senior Counsellor, will be in the capital on Thursday to speak with clients going through detox at Equinox, Brook Drive.  She will be meeting up with Sandie and Minesh (ex clients) and talking about the 12Step treatment and services delivered at Western Counselling busting some of the myths about residential rehab. As previous clients they are able to describe how it feels to be a client with our service and describe their experiences and their positive outcomes  as well as lives in recovery, clean and sober.

Let’s Reduce The Waiting – I was in London too recently, when I attended a meeting organised by eATA.  It was a working party tasked with looking at access to residential rehabilitation.  It’s well documented that only 2% of the treatment population attend residential rehabilitation and there is now a concerted effort to address this imbalance.

Jez Stannard from the NTA attended and talked about statistical data and the NTA’s commitment to improving access rates.  Treatment centres from all over the UK attended and expressed a commitment to work together with eATA to support the sector and each other in what is likely to become an ever more difficult economic climate.

I have frequently commented on the lack of access to residential rehab from the statutory sector and the shame of our system that makes individuals jump through hoops to prove their worthiness for this modality of treatment.  What is very evident from my experience is the deterioration in a person’s health, physical well being, appearance and mental health the longer they are subjected to ‘the waiting’. I’ll have more to say about this soon……