Recovery FestivalThis week we’re on tour at the Recovery Festival, QEII Conference Centre, London (12-13 March 2013).  Come and see us and the Lighthouse café, brewing delicious coffee, concocting cappuccinos, lattes and macchiatos and serving home baked cakes and cookies for your enjoyment.  Come and mingle with others interested in Recovery from Addiction – Weston super Mare MP John Penrose will be coming along with other Parliamentarians and policy makers, and I’ve heard a few celebrities will be making an appearance too.  Aside from this, there is a serious cause being celebrated and embraced…

Recovery and stigma are two words I’m so passionate about. I’m not quiet and ladylike about it either.  Be loud be proud is my mantra, however, unlike the US, the UK is still very discriminatory and stigmatises anyone associated with addiction and recovery.

Employers refrain from employing known addicts/alcoholics in recovery as they fear relapse and behavioural issues.  Experience tells me though that they’re the best bet for employment.  Employees in recovery have gratitude, they follow a programme of communication, honesty and integrity; and don’t have to take time off with alcohol and/or drug related hangovers.  They’ve spent a period of time exploring their “issues” and have a level of self awareness rarely seen otherwise in our communities.

In the US, there are anecdotes of individuals pretending to be in recovery at job interviews as they have a higher chance of landing the role! However in the UK we still accept the last remaining discrimination against addicts to be totally acceptable.  It’s a disgrace and a shameful aspect of our society.

The Festival is celebrating recovery in the real world, showcasing and demonstrating the benefits recovering addicts can bring to the workplace.  Also the work being done by treatment providers nationwide in promoting positive attitudes and ongoing support  for the family, the employer and the individual themselves. Recovery programmes are no longer just about getting someone clean and sober, we work to maintain their sobriety and abstinence long term too.

Please come and see us and chat with the Ambassadors and Recovery Champions, living proof it works….