My name is Clare and I’ve been abstinent from drugs and alcohol for over 7 years now. How? Well, after having spent years living a renegade life, in order for things to change I asked for help from a no-nonsense treatment centre. Thank God Western Counselling was recommended to me.

Without them I’m not at all sure that I’d still be alive. In spite of my fears about going into treatment I felt this was the only solution I had to try and help myself become whole again. I realised I needed to be in an environment that offered a solid structure and support from therapist who understood the size of the mountain I had ahead of me to climb.

I received the in-depth counselling and support that I desperately needed at Western Counselling and once I quickly realised that no one there would accept any rubbish from me it gave me a peculiar sense of security. I was well fed and lived in a comfortable house. Things were defintiely looking up!

However, be absolutely certain that Western Counselling Services is no holiday camp! Had I wanted a holiday I’d have gone to Greece. Western Counselling is where real life problems are dealt with. A stringent therapy program helped me get to grips with those. I was given an opportunity to change if I chose to do so.  I was defintiely ready to try and with the counsellors help and continued Aftercare I am where I am today: at peace with myself and finally a productive member of society.