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Counselling in Bristol

Start Feeling Better Today

The sooner you start to talk about your problems the quicker they will start to change. Professional help is available to you now.

At Western Counselling we have a team of experienced male and female counsellors who use their skills and expertise to treat individuals and family members who are facing health or social issues.

The team of counsellors is ready to see you today, at a time that suits you.

If you choose Western Counselling you will be coming to the safe, supportive environment of our centre in Weston-Super-Mare near Bristol.

You will be able to discuss your concerns in confidence and work towards change.


Your First Therapy Session is Free

This free session allow your counsellor to find out more about your concerns.

He or she will listen and help you prioritize your issues and suggest suitable and stable techniques to help. You get the chance to be open and honest about the problems you face.

If we think counselling can help we might recommend a series of counselling sessions. These can be weekly, or more often depending on your personal needs and ability to attend (e.g if you have to take time off from work.)

Counselling offers you time, support and encouragement to live with difficult feelings and issues while you learn how to deal with them and get better.

Here are some of the area’s we can help and support you with…

Alcohol problems
Dealing with unemployment
Eating disorders
Financial worries
Drug addiction/abuse
Gambling addiction
Difficulties in the work place
Anxiety or low mood
Family issues

If you are suffering right now go ahead and call our reception to book your Free counselling session in our center near Bristol.

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