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Since 1983, thousands of male and female clients and their families have chosen Western Counselling rehab centre near Bristol to treat their addiction issues – because it works.

Here at Western Counselling, we find no distinction between addictions, histories or background. People from all over the world from a wide variety of backgrounds have received treatment at Western Counselling for drug and/or alcohol problems, and gambling, co-dependency and food issues.  Our programme is structured and challenging with a range of therapeutic elements.

Find out about our alcohol detox and drug detox programmes.

You can come as a statutory-funded client, or as a private client. Everyone is required to undertake an assessment prior to admission – in person or by telephone. Your social history, addiction (drug, alcohol use, gambling, gaming etc.), medical, psychiatric and forensic history will be taken into account, and your motivation for recovery and abstinence assessed.

If you are ready to focus on recovery, want to get into residential treatment to change your life – we are committed to help. Click the links below for further information First Stage Addiction Treatment Second Stage Addiction Treatment Third Stage Addiction Treatment Outpatient Treatment Contact us for a free initial consultation or to arrange a visit. Alternatively, visit our addiction support and information page.

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