Do I Have a Problem?



The majority of people (especially young adults) who meet the diagnostic criteria for alcohol, drug abuse, eating disorders or dependency issues are honestly unaware of it. They may readily admit that their use of alcohol or drugs, or maybe their gambling causes a few difficulties now and then, but they remain oblivious to the nature and significance of the problem.

What symptoms indicate alcohol or drug addiction?

So how do you know for sure? The first step is to take an honest look at your situation (or the person you are concerned about).  Take a look at these symptoms and keep in mind that almost no one has them all.

If any of them apply to you and you would like to talk to someone about getting help, please call us on 0800 849 9257 (from a land line) or 0330 300 1057 (from a mobile).

Addiction identification checklist


  • My drinking/using* sometimes causes problems.
  • I sometimes set limits on the amount I will drink or use and then exceed those limits.
  • I sometimes make promises to myself or someone else about drinking/using and then break those promises.
  • I sometimes lie about or try to hide the frequency and/or amount of my drinking/using.
  • I sometimes forget or deny things that happen when I was intoxicated/used.
  • I sometimes behave very differently when intoxicated/using than when sober, almost as if I’m a different person.
  • I sometimes tend to avoid social functions at which alcohol/drugs may not be available.
  • I’ve embarrassed, angered, or frightened other people when I was drunk/high.
  • I have a very high tolerance – that is, I can drink/use a lot without acting or feeling the effect.
  • I sometimes feel guilty, embarrassed, or remorseful about things I said or did while intoxicated/high.
  • I occasionally drink/use in the morning or early in the day to treat a hangover or to avoid shakes/withdrawal symptoms.
  • I have missed work and/or college because of my drinking/using.

*For drinking/using also apply gambling, eating etc.

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