Phase I Treatment

Phase One Programme


Phase I stage of treatment focuses on the addiction (your drug, alcohol, gambling, food issues etc.) and its impact on you, your family, friends and community.  It is in this phase of treatment that a detoxification programme may be undertaken.  The detoxification process at Western Counselling is proven to be very successful with 92% completing their detox programmes in 2015.

The daily routine includes compulsory attendance at two or three group therapy sessions per day in addition to workshops, lectures and one-to-one counselling.  New clients to the service attend an Induction Group for the first week or two of treatment to help with integration and engagement in the process.

All clients attend the Centre daily except when undertaking the single gender days that involve groups, workshops and bonding sessions in the accommodation properties and the local community.

Your individual general health-care concerns will also be addressed.  Our Medical Liaison worker runs single sex health-care groups such as Well Woman and Well Man clinics and smoking cessation groups.  All outpatients appointments for the dentist, optician, chiropractor, chiropodist and sexual health clinic will be arranged for you.

During Phase I you are not permitted to leave your accommodation or the Centre without the permission of a member of staff, and at all times you must be accompanied. These restrictions on your movements are part of relapse prevention during the most vulnerable phase of your recovery. You will walk daily from your assigned accommodation to the Centre. The first group therapy session is at 9.30am.

If you are funded by a statutory agency you will be required to pay your DWP Benefit payment to Western Counselling. This is your contribution towards your treatment costs and is an agreement you have with your funder. You must therefore either change the payment to Western Counselling’s bank account, or commit to withdraw the necessary monies every fortnight from your account to ensure you do not end up in debt.

Visitors are permitted during your stay and this can be discussed and arranged with your Counsellor, they are usually arranged after week 4-5, earlier if you have young children.

The use of non-prescribed medications, drugs or alcohol is strictly forbidden and will result in discharge.

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