Second Stage Treatment

Phase II Programme


To be eligible for Phase II treatment (secondary care) you must have been abstinent from all mood-altering substances (illicit drugs and/or alcohol) for a minimum period of four weeks.

If you are being referred by another service delivering primary care (Phase I), you must have completed a programme conducive with the 12 Step philosophy and have a good understanding of abstinence.

In Phase II programme you will continue your individual treatment plan, working through individual and group sessions.

You will also be supported as you begin your reintegration into every-day life in the community and get back to work and a full, varied life. If you need to, you are expected to attend educational or vocational training courses and everyone starts voluntary work.

While in treatment you are required to attend four group therapy sessions per week and at least two one-to-one counselling sessions. You will be encouraged to review the therapeutic work undertaken in Primary Care. You will explore relapse triggers – risky situations, behaviours and attitudes that could result in a return to drug and/or alcohol use, gambling etc; discuss reintegration into the community, family relationships and support networks.

Essential parts of the programme are the weekly workshops/lectures on various topics: Relapse Prevention, Budgeting/Money Management, Parenting and Goal Setting. You are also expected to attend educational or vocational training courses at the local college and start voluntary work in the community.  Western Counselling partners with a local social action charity, Lighthouse, that provides a range of voluntary work and training programmes including the Lighthouse cafe to give support with learning vital employment skills in catering, food delivery, barista, retail and customer service.  Art and design, literacy, photography, cooking skills, parenting etc are also available training programmes.  Changing Lives is a retail opportunity for clients to learn further skills relating to employment in sales and retail.

Within the therapeutic community you will also learn life skills including planning and cooking meals for each other, budgeting and money management, creative art and design projects and gardening.

Attendance at external support meetings such as AA or NA is a fixed element of the programme, as they will increase your support network for relapse prevention. You are expected to go to a minimum of three meetings per week.

The programme is designed to help you put in place the structures and thought patterns you’ll need to begin your journey to recovery and a healthier future.

For further information about our detox, first and second stage treatment programmes, please contact our admissions team.

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