Employer Addiction Consultancy With Western Counselling

You will find that working with Western Counselling to tackle addiction issues in your workplace is reassuringly straightforward and we will bring to the table our extensive experience of working with a wide range of organisations, large and small, private and statutory.

Drug & alcohol policy review/implementation

Do you have a company drug and alcohol policy? What are your employment and legal needs with respect to the identification of drug/alcohol issues? Are you satisfied they are being met with your current policy?
If your policy is not fit for purpose, or doesn’t clearly set out actions to be taken if an employee presents with issues relating to either their own or a family members’ drug/alcohol misuse we can help you get straight with a purposeful review of your policy, procedures and training needs. We can then help you implement changes with a clear strategic approach.

Drug & alcohol / addictions training

Your company may benefit from our experiences. We can help you with all your drug and alcohol training needs – from identifying common drugs to tackling fears and concerns with dealing with people with addiction issues.
Please do give us a call to discuss how we might be able to help you with these areas in your organisation.

Supporting Employers Through Addiction

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