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Addiction issues need not prevent an employee from returning to the workplace and continuing their job function. If you as an employer decide to support an employee through their addiction issues, we can become your strategic partner to deliver treatment as part of your Employee Assistance Policy, providing a bespoke programme, tailored in length and approach. You can make a proactive choice for your staff:

  • a residential treatment service providing a structured, tailored addiction recovery programme, or
  • a flexible outpatient approach, which meet the needs of the individual and the business.

Our expert admissions team assesses an employee for their drug and/or alcohol use and other addiction issues and recommends a treatment programme.  It takes into account individual needs and your preparedness as an employer to support recovery through full or partial funding, time off work and return to work conditions. The cost to the employee is wholly dependent on their employer’s policy.

Confidentiality for the individual in treatment is strictly maintained, but we will keep you as the employer fully informed of progress. We will keep you the employer, manager or HR department informed of any and all potential issues to ensure a smooth return to work perhaps as a phased return.

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Supporting Employers Through Addiction

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