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We know that people in treatment begin to face the reality of the effects of their addiction on their families and those close to them. They begin to see the damage they may have caused. For the addict it is important to know that that his/her family is being supported and they want to know that their family is actively involved in the recovery process.

You might be feeling left on the outside, wondering what the treatment process your son/daughter/wife/father/husband/sibling is like and how it will help them. If the addict in your family has achieved abstinence, you might experience feelings of fear of your loved one returning to active drug and/or alcohol misuse. Evidence has shown that the role of the family is key in helping a drug and/or alcohol mis-user (alternatively an individual with another addictive disorder including gambling, gaming, food disorder etc.) to stay in treatment and achieve an outcome of long term recovery.

As your family member begins a journey of recovery, you too will need to begin to honestly look at the effects the addiction has had on you and your behaviour, and begin your own healing journey. Through advice and education our Family Programme helps the family understand addiction (the active drug and alcohol use) and recovery.

Every family is different, so the programme and level of contact are designed to meet a family’s individual needs. “I found it difficult at the start to talk openly but it was a relief to talk to people with the same problem” Kim – a family member “Thank-you for….the opportunity to participate in your Family Programme ….. Our special thanks to Mandy, Natalie and Travis for creating the safe and caring environment for us all to ask for the help we so much needed. We also appreciated the yummy refreshments provided. Thanks to all concerned.” Christine, a family member. To book your place on the next workshop, please call.

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If your family member is trapped in addiction you can apply on their behalf. Complete our online assessment form, we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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