Family Visits

Family Visits For Loved One’s

For clients it is very important to maintain contact and rebuild relationships with partners, spouses and family members throughout their treatment, and you are almost certainly going to want to know that their time in treatment is helping your loved one get better. Family visits give the client the opportunity to demonstrate the changes they are making and make amends for previous behaviours and attitudes.

Visits are arranged through a counsellor and are usually permitted after Week 4-5, when everybody has had time apart to reflect. These visits take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays (weekend visits take account of a family’s work/school commitments).

Visitors should arrive between 11am and 12noon at the Centre (alternative arrangements may be possible at weekends). The counsellor will meet the client and visitors to tell them about the expectations and limitations for the visit, for example time of return, no go areas, permitted behaviours and actions. This is also your chance to discuss any fears and hopes for the visit.

Visits take place away from the Centre – families have a few hours together in the town of Weston-super-Mare, walking on the beach, having lunch or shopping, enjoying ‘family time’.

Anyone taking illicit substances or thought to be under the influence of substances will not be permitted to enter our premises or speak with clients. This is essential to maintain a safe environment for everyone.

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