If you live with an addict you will know that no amount of nagging, pleading, cajoling or threatening works, because addicts are living in denial. Very few addicts will choose recovery over addiction until they reach ‘rock bottom’. As a family you may feel hopeless, but you can turn your love and concern into action and intervention will help.

It is a very successful way of giving family and friends the encouragement and strength to help their loved one by creating that ‘rock bottom’.

Our interventionist works with the family and friends of the addict. He helps set boundaries and consequences which are driven by a genuine desire to help the addict realise how his family will be affected if he does not agree to go into treatment.

The interventionist hosts a meeting where the addict faces all those who are concerned about his behaviour. They explain their emotions, and explain why they want the addict to enter treatment. They also share the consequences for the addict if he refuses treatment.

An intervention is a safe and empowering process for families.

For details about intervention and how it could help you, please contact us.

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