Sustaining Recovery

Sustain Recovery

We believe that a period of time in a residential setting is just the start of a life-long recovery journey, our own stories and those of our ex-clients show this to be the case.

You will need to deploy all the different coping strategies, thinking patterns and tools that you have learnt during your time in treatment to ensure you stay on that road to recovery.

There are many stumbling blocks and divergent paths, there will be good times and bad. There will be new challenges and old habits demanding our attention.

At Western Counselling we can support you through the early years with free aftercare for life, with recovery housing and with reintegrating back into work and building a support system that works for you.

Sustaining recovery is possible. We know that it can be done and we believe you can do it too.
For more information about addiction visit our alcohol addiction or drug addiction pages. Information about detoxification for substance misuse can be found here.

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