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Recovery Coaching

Individual Recovery coaching is available as part of our aftercare programme, enabling those clients who may be appropriate to further develop and enrich their lives. The role of the coach is to offer the person guidance and encouragement that will help the individual create the necessary plans to achieve the goals they have set themselves.

By helping clients adhere to their plans, the coach enables them to furnish their own solutions to obstacles they may face. This process, together with their peer groups and mentors, is another pillar that supports the Clients to not only sustain their recovery but also to rebuild their lives and integrate themselves back into society.

Coaching carries the ability to help everyone achieve their goals more quickly than they may do on their own. It also helps people achieve higher levels than they thought possible. However, not everyone is ready for coaching.

Clients must demonstrate a desire and willingness to be coached before it will be offered. Clients must have first addressed their issues of drug and/or alcohol use and be actively engaged in sustaining their recovery long term.

Clients who are not ready to take the necessary steps and actions to help themselves, will find coaching frustrating and the coach will not be able to facilitate progress.

Coaching can be carried out face to face, by telephone or via Skype. The coaching is normally delivered in 6 session blocks over a 6 week period as our experience shows this to be the most effective programme.
Please click here to email Mark Tanner, Recovery Coach or call 01934 627600 for more information.

Genesis Recovery Housing (CIC)

Genesis Recovery Housing is a community interest company, providing third stage accommodation for those who have successfully completed treatment and are looking to stay in a supportive environment.
Accommodation is available for up to 2 years, and you will be supported when the time comes to move on.

Western Recovery Projects (CIC) & The Lighthouse at Weston

Finding appropriate volunteering and personal development opportunities is actively encouraged through the close relationship we have with our partner community interest company Western Recovery Projects and local charity The Lighthouse at Weston. You’ll find the experience will enable you to build lasting and worthwhile relationships within the community. Many former clients have used these experiences to build their employability and found that being able to provide a reputable local reference helped them find employment.

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